Front Loading Plastic Frame Profiles These plastic profiles can be easily cut & mitered to a variety of frame sizes. The flip open & snap close design will allow you to change graphics without disassembling the whole unit! 8 Ft. Lengths W/Adhesive High Gloss Black (BK) · Material: PVC DFL-8-BK .300" DFL-8-BK Part # Description 120 Ft. Price 600 Ft. 1000 Ft. FRAME OPENED .925" 1/2" TAPE DFL-8-BK High gloss black2 piece frame $1.40 ft. $1.30 ft. $1.19 ft. BSF-8-BK .750" 1" TAPE Part # Description 120 Ft. Price 600 Ft. 1000 Ft. BSF-8-BK .1.419" Black bullnose snap frame $2.90 ft. $2.75 ft. $2.55 ft. 12 Ft. Lengths White (*WH), Black (*BK), Silver (*SI) · Material: Dual Durometer PVC PFLF.775" .437" .825" 1/2" Black Foam Tape PFLF-1040 Part # Description 100 Ft. 1000 Ft. FRAME OPENED PFLF-1040-* PFLF-1040A-* w/o Adhesive w/ Adhesive $0.935 ft. $1.02 ft. $0.87 ft. $0.95 ft. PFLF-1200 12 Ft. Lengths White (*WH), Black (*BK), Silver (*SI) Metal Corner · Material: Dual Durometer PVC · Metal corner to hold miter cut Part # 1.00" .600" PFLFFRAME OPENED Description 100 Ft. 1000 Ft. PFLF-1200-* PFLF-1200A-* w/o Adhesive w/ Adhesive METAL CORNER Each $0.96 ft. $1.05 ft. 1000 $0.90 ft. $0.96 ft. .125" 1.20" Part # PFLF-1200-CORN $0.45 $0.25 ea. Plastic Frame Mouldings EZ FRAME 1/4" Adhesive Tape 1/4" EZ Frame #981 comes in two pieces that are channeled with the back piece (981b) mounted flush to the wall with double face tape for ease of installation. There is no need to take down frames from wall to change a new picture. 12 Ft. Lengths White & Black Up To 1/4" Thick Material Part# 120 Ft. 600 Ft. 1000 Ft. .070 D .055 5/8" 1/6" D 11/16" 5/16" 3/16" .085 D 981EZ-WH 981EZ-BK $0.65 ft. $0.65 ft. $0.58 ft. $0.58 ft. $0.51 ft. $0.51 ft. 5/16" Closed Size PLEASE NOTE: Our adhesive is strong but is only designed to assist in assembly. Remember always to staple or screw to substrate. C-32 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS Front Loading Frame, Flip Frame, Ez Plastic Frame Moulding, E-Z Plastic Frame Moulding, Easy Plastic Frame Moulding, Ez Plastic Frame Molding, E-Z Plastic Frame Molding, Easy Plastic Frame Molding, Ez Frame, E-Z Frame, Easy Frame
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