Sta'-Put Adhesives MULTI-PURPOSE SPRAY ADHESIVE SYSTEM Colors: Clear & Red STA'-PUT spray adhesive has been formulated to provide excellent adhesion over a wide range of product applications; securing duct liner, securing duct wrap, board lamination, laminates to laminates, sealing vapor barrier, M.B.I. repair, fire proofing base coat, sealing flex foam, building insulation blocks for a pipe covering operation, mitering fittings & ASJ, FSK, aluminum, PVC to all pipe insulations. NON-FLAMMABLE · EASY CLEAN UP · COMPLETELY PORTABLE · DRIES CLEAR NO CLOGGED TIPS · WATER RESISTANT · GUARANTEED SHELF LIFE · HIGH TACK NO FLASHING REQUIRED · QUICK SETTING STA'-PUT SPH SPRAY ADHESIVE Part # Description Color Price Case (12 Cans) SAS-45 SAS-45-R SAS-50 SAS-50-R SAS-51 SAS-51-R 15 oz. Can 15 oz. Can 11 lb. Canister 11 lb. Canister 37 lb. Canister 37 lb. Canister Clear Red Clear Red Clear Red $19.00 ea. $19.00 ea. $209.50 ea. $209.50 ea. $460.00 ea. $460.00 ea. $15.75 ea. $15.75 ea. ----- PERFECT FOR LAMINATES! STA'-PUT SPH LIQUID LIQUID ADHESIVE Color Part # Description Price SAS-70 5 Gallon Drum Clear $284.00 ea. Colors: Clear & Blue STA'-PUT II has been specifically formulated to provide permanent bonding of Styrofoam and all other polystyrene materials with no adverse reaction to the bonded surfaces. Requires 4 minutes to set and bond. Firm pressure is required only during the immediate bonding process. STA'-PUT II Solvent based, low VOC, non-chlorinated contact adhesive certified for many industry standards SP-80 GREEN ADHESIVE SPRAY ADHESIVE Part # Description Color Price Case (12 Cans) SAS-65 13 oz. Can SAS-66 30 lb. Canister SAS-66-BL 30 lb. Canister Clear $21.50 ea. $17.60 ea. Clear $470.00 ea. -Blue $470.00 ea. -Part # SPRAY ADHESIVE Description Color Price Case (12 Cans) STA'-PUT SPH/II REMOVER Part # Description Price Case (12 Cans) SP-80-14 14 oz. Spray Can SP-80-27 27 lb. Canister Part # Description Clear Clear $12.25 ea. $10.75 ea. $289.00 ea. -Color Price LIQUID ADHESIVE Clear SAS-46 15 oz. Can $18.90 ea. $16.05 ea. SP-80-5 5 gal. Pail Drum $225.00 ea. PLEASE NOTE: STA'-PUT ADHESIVES CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED VIA FED EX "PRO" SPRAY GUN Stainless Steel Spray Tip Exclusive SS Needle Valve Chrome Finished Handle Part # Description Price Stainless Steel Retain Nut Shut-off/ Valve Seat Four Finger Trigger Pattern Adjustment Wheel/ Trigger Lock SG200 ST6502 MH973 MH978 Spray Gun Adjustable Tip 12' Hose 25' Hose $287.00 ea. $35.00 ea. $82.00 ea. $155.00 ea. Adjustable Tip #ST6502 FastbondTM brand adhesives are industrial-quality products designed to provide innovative answers to a wide variety of non-structural bonding problems. (TECHNICAL INFO AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST) 30 NF FASTBONDTM CONTACT ADHESIVE, GREEN (PROTECT FROM FREEZING) Part # Size Case Quantity Case Each 3MTM Flexible Adhesive A water dispersed high strength contact adhesive that changes color from blue to green when dry. Has high coverage, a long bonding range and good heat resistance. Can be used to bond foamed plastics, plastic laminate, wood, plywood and wood veneer, and canvas to themselves and each other, as well as for postforming operations. Meets requirements of MIL-A-24179-A. Non-flammable in the wet state. 4276-Q Quart 4276-G Gallon 4276-P 5 Gallon Pail 12 4 - $34.00 $30.00 $128.00 $121.00 $414.00 - Each Phone:1-800-631-8375 · Fax:1-800-888-3315 Sta'-Put Adhesive, Adhesive, Glue, Sta'-Put, Stay Put, Pro Spay Gun, Glue Gun, Glue Remover, Adhesive Remover, Laminate Adhesive, Spray Adhesive, Liquid Adhesive, 3MTM Adhesive, Glue, Adhesive, Fast Bond, FastbondTM, G-36
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