Concealed Hinges CLIP top BLUMOTION Angled Hinges · Ideal for irregular shaped cabinets and can accommodate many different angles · For frameless cabinets · Need hinge, wedge spacer and plate · The spiral tech cam allows for +4/-7mm adjustment · BLUMOTION hinge has integrated soft close mechanism · Material: All Metal Hinge, Nickel Plated Click Here For Technical Information New Dimension Guidelines Max Door Thickness: 19m Reveal: N/A Bore Distance: 5mm to 11.5mm Cup Depth: 13mm CLIP top Part # 79B9494 79B9595 79B9596 79B9496 79B9698 79B3598 79B9498 79B3493 79B3491 79B3490 Angle Positive 15 Positive 20 Positive 30 Positive 30 Positive 45 Positive 45 Positive 45 Negative 15 Negative 30 Negative 45 Cup Mounting CLIP top INSERTA INSERTA INSERTA INSERTA INSERTA INSERTA INSERTA INSERTA INSERTA INSERTA Price Each $8.19 $8.19 $8.19 $8.19 $8.19 $8.19 $8.19 $8.67 $8.67 $8.67 Pcs. Per Carton 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. Carton Price $7.26 ea. $7.26 ea. $7.26 ea. $7.26 ea. $7.26 ea. $7.26 ea. $7.26 ea. $7.68 ea. $7.68 ea. $7.68 ea. Part # 171A5500 171A5010 171A5040 171A5070 Wedge Spacers For Angled Hinges Thickness 2mm 4mm 5mm 7mm Price Angle Each CLIP top -5 $1.29 5 $1.44 5 $1.44 5 $1.65 Pcs. Per Carton 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. 50 pcs. Carton Price $1.14 ea. $1.27 ea. $1.27 ea. $1.46 ea. See Pages H-11~12 For Plates POSITIVE ANGLES NEGATIVE ANGLES Maximum Partial Overlay Overlay 2 11 79B9494 79B9494 10º 173H7100 173H7100 171A5500 171A5500 15º 4 13 79B9494 79B9595 20º 173H7100 173H7100 171A5070 5 14 79B9496 79B9595 25º 173H7100 173H7100 171A5500 171A5500 15 30º 79B9596 173H7100 7 16 79B9496 79B9596 35º 173H7100 173H7100 171A5070 171A5010 8 79B9498 40º 173H7100 171A5500 18 79B3598 45º 173H7100 Corner Merge 20 79B9494 175H9190.22 171A5500 Inset Door 28 79B9494 175H9190.22 171A5500 Mitered Corner Maximum Inset Door Overlay 43 52 79B3493 79B3493 -10º 173H7100 173H7100 171A5010 171A5010 44 53 79B3493 79B3493 -15º 173H7100 175H9190.22 54 79B3493 175H9160 11A5500 55 79B3491 175H7190 171A5500 The chart on this page shows the hinge, plate and wedge (or spacer) needed for each angled application. The legend below shows the order of the part numbers. NOTE: All 35mm and 8mm holes must be a minimum of 13mm deep Application Number Part Number Part Number Part Number Hinge Plate Wedge/ Spacer 31 79B9595 175H9190.22 23 79B9596 173H7100 171A5500 31 79B9596 175H9190.22 32 79B9596 175H9190.22 33 79B9596 175H9190.22 171A5010 37 79B9595 -20º 175H9160 38 46 79B9596 79B3491 -25º 173H7100 173H7100 171A5500 171A5040 -30º 40 48 79B9596 79B3491 -35º 173H7100 173H7100 171A5040 171A5500 -40º CLIP top BLUMOTION Hinge CLIP Mounting Plate May or May Not Be Required wedge plate hinge front angle 25 79B9596 173H7100 171A5070 26 79B9698 173H7100 35 79B3598 175H9190.22 41 79B9698 -45º 173H7100 H-10 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS blum hinges, blum hardware, blum concealed hinges, blum clip top hinges, blumotion, blum clip top blumotion hinges, blum cabinet hinges, blum furniture hinges, blum special application hinges, blum clip top blumotion angled hinges, blum clip top angled hinges, blum clip top angle hinges, blum angled hinges, blum angle hinges, blum wedge spacers
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