Lift Systems Blum AVENTOS Lift Systems AVENTOS HL How to Order: 1) Choose lift mechanism according to door weight, including handle. 2) Choose arm assembly according to cabinet height. Required New Part # 20L2100.N5 20L2300.N5 20L2500.N5 20L2700.N5 20L2900.N5 Description Door Weight 2- 8 lbs. 2- 13 lbs. 3- 25 lbs. 10- 28 lbs. n19- 44 lbs. Price $86.54 set $86.54 set $94.23 set $94.23 set $153.09 set LIFT MECHANISM SET Lift Mechanism Set Includes left & right mechanism, & installation screws n Weight will drop to 36 lbs. if used in combination with the 20L3900 arm Part # 20L3200.06 20L3500.06 20L3800.06 20L3900.06 Part # Required Description Arm Assembly Set Includes left & right assembly, & 2 x stabilizer rod cover Required Cabinet Height 11-13/16" - 13-3/4" 13-13/16" - 15-11/16" 15-3/4" - 21-5/8" 17-11/16" - 22-13/16" Minimum Opening 10-5/16" 12-5/16" 14-1/4" 16-1/4" Price Price $60.74 set $61.98 set $66.35 set $70.94 set ARM ASSEMBLY SET · Lift-Up · Used for single door applications · Perfect for appliance garages · Opens parallel to cabinet Maximum Inside Cabinet Width: Minimum Inside Cabinet Width: Maximum Inside Cabinet Height: Minimum Inside Cabinet Height: Minimum Inside Cabinet Depth: Click Here For Technical Information Description Cover Set Includes left & right mechanism cover plate, & 2 non-handed cover caps 41-3/4" Stabilizer Rod (to be cut to size) Rod length = interior cabinet opening less 5-1/16" Mounting Hardware Set for Wood or Wide Aluminum Frame Doors Screws sold separately #606N-100, see page H-17a COVER SET Required 20L8000.N1 $18.93 set 70-1/2" 13-1/2" 21-5/16" 10-5/16" 11" STABILIZER ROD Required 20Q1061UA $29.63 ea. 20S4200 MOUNTING HARDWARE Required SET Choose 1 Option Depending On Application Required 20S4F01 $4.38 set SERVO-DRIVE AVAILABLE See page H-21a Mounting Hardware Set for Large Overlay Doors Screws sold separately #606N-100, see page H-17a $9.36 set 20S4200A Mounting Hardware Set for Narrow Aluminum Frame Doors Screws sold separately #606N-100, see page H-17a $18.93 set STABILIZER ROD CONNECTING SET Optional 20Q153ZA Stabilizer Rod Connecting Set for Cabinets Greater Than 46-1/2" W $21.33 set Includes connector rod, 2 x top cap, mounting hook Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. blum lift systems, blum hardware, blum aventos lift systems, blum aventos hl lift systems Phone:1-800-631-8375 · Fax:1-800-888-3315 Click Here H-21
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