Adjustable Soft Down Stay KEEPS FLAP / LIDS FROM SLAMMING SHUT & FLYING OPEN · Material: Zinc Alloy & Steel · Finish: Nickel · For piano / butt / concealed hinges · Screws included · Speed adjustment screw for soft close · Recommended 3/4" door thickness · Door Height: Minimum: 6" Maximum: 26" NO MORE SLAMMING TORQUE CALCULATION: Torque = Door Height x 1/2 x Door Weight NSDX-10 & New NSDX-10*/TV Short Arm for Smaller Doors · 90º Opening · For downward opening flap door · Designed to hold door in closed position NSDX-10/TV: (Short Arm for Smaller Doors) Per Piece: 10 - 20 kg · cm (8.7 - 17.4 lbs · inch) Per Pair: 20 - 40 kg · cm (17.4 - 34.7 lbs · inch) NSDX-10, NSDX-20, NSDX-35: Per Piece: 20 - 70 kg · cm (19 - 60 lbs · inch) Per Pair: 40 - 140 kg · cm (38 - 120 lbs · inch) NSDX-10RK NSDX-10LK NSDX-10RK/TV NSDX-10LK/TV Part # Mounting Side Right Left Right Left Opening Angle 90º 90º 90º 90º Movement Downward Opening Downward Opening $15.73 ea. $15.73 ea. $15.56 ea. $15.56 ea. Price Face Frame Bracket For face frame applications use one bracket per arm Click Here NSDX-20 · 70º or 105º Opening · For top opening flap door · Designed to hold door in fully opened position Part # Price FFCB-SD-1 $5.10 ea. Part # Mounting Side Opening Angle Movement Price NSDX-20RK NSDX-20LK Right Left 70º or 105º 70º or 105º Top Opening $15.73 ea. $15.73 ea. Click Here NSDX-35 · 80º, 90º or 100º Opening · For upward opening flap door · Designed to hold door in fully opened position All lid stays include the standard mounting plate for wood doors (NSDX-SZ). Mounting plates for aluminum frame (NSDX-AZ) and glass doors (NSDX-GZ) also available. Please Inquire. Part # Mounting Side Opening Angle Movement Price NSDX-35RK NSDX-35LK Right Left 80º, 90º or 100º 80º, 90º or 100º Upward Opening $15.73 ea. $15.73 ea. Click Here Full Line Master Distributor Click To View CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS H-38 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · Kitchen Cabinet Hardware, Cabinet Hinges, Sugatsune, Adjustable Soft Down Stay, Pneumatic Lifts, Down Stay Hinges, Adjustable Arm Hinges, Soft Closing Hinges, Flap Hinges, Flap Down Stay, Flap Stay, Lid Hinges, Lid Down Stay, Face Frame Brackets, Cabinet Door Hardware, Cabinet Hardware
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