Non-Handed 3 Way Adjustable Concealed Hinges Material: Zinc Alloy w/304 Grade Stainless Steel Pin New HES3D-120 · Hinge can be completely separated by removing the horizontal adjustment screw. This allows the hinge to be mounted to the door and door frame individually and then lifted back into place and tightened down. Making it possible for one person to install doors! · Once mounted the 3 way adjustments of vertical, horizontal and depth make for perfectly aligned doors! · Concealed hinge offers clean lines without visible appearance. · This hinge enables the door to open 180º · Cover cap will eliminate visible screw heads for a clean appearance · Successfully passed 300,000 open/close private cycle tests · Can use 2 ~ 3 hinges per door · Stainless Steel Screws & ABS Cover Cap included HES3D-E190 Dull Chrome Dull Nickel Dull Nickel · Door Thickness: Minimum 1-1/8" · Max. Door Weight: 66 lbs. (2 pcs.); 88 lbs. (3 pcs.) · Max. Door Size: 94-1/2" H x 35-7/16" W Part # Finish Price · Door Thickness: Minimum 1-1/2" · Max. Door Weight: 200 lbs. (2 pcs.); 275 lbs. (3 pcs.) · Max. Door Size: 94-1/2" H x 35-7/16" W Part # Finish Price HES3D-120DC Dull Chrome $55.25 ea. HES3D-120DN Dull Nickel Dull Chrome Matte Black HES3D-E190DC Dull Chrome HES3D-E190DN Dull Nickel $89.25 ea. HES3D-E190BL Matte Black Includes a paper template for installation. For ease of installation, a jig may be purchased, please inquire. Handed Material: Zinc Alloy w/Steel Pin · Finish: Satin Chrome · Handed due to gravity adjustment on hinge · Fire resistance and smoke control tested for doors and shutters · Fire Rating: PN-EN 1634-1 : 2009 · Smoke Control: PN-EN 1634-3 2006/AC · Successfully passed 200,000 open/close private cycle tests · Enables door to open 180º · Steel Screws included · Adjustability: +/- 1.5 Horizontal · +/- 1.5 Vertical · +/- 1.0 Depth Can use 2 ~ 4 hinges per door depending on width and weight # of Hinges Highlighted are the three screws used to adjust height, width and depth for door adjustment. Blocking Screw Width/Depth Adjustment Screw Height Adjustment Screw · Door Thickness: Minimum 1-9/16" · Max. Door Width: 39-3/8" Full Line Master Distributor Click To View R3D-110L-SC R3D-110R-SC Part # Description Left Right Price $59.50 ea. 2 3 4 Maximum Door Width (in.) 32" 36" 39-3/8" 185 lbs. 176 lbs. 158 lbs. 211 lbs. 198 lbs. 176 lbs. 233 lbs. 220 lbs. 198 lbs. H-45a Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Hinges, Tapletop Hinge, Drop Lid Hinge, Adjustable Drop Lid Hinge, Inset Door Pivot Hinge, OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS
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