New Murphy Bed Hardware · LIBRARY BED: BC-1 Pivoting Bookcase and BC-2 Sliding Bookcase are used with single, double or queen size Next Beds. Next Bed is the center of the system and is purchased separately. · STUDIO: SWBD - Studio Wallbed Desk is used with single, double, queen or king Alpha Bed. Hardware only adapts to vertical beds. Alpha Bed sold separately. · CABINET CUTLISTS: Cabinet specifications including cut sizes, edgebanding specs and drilling patterns included with all products. · HARDWARE ONLY: It does not include cabinets or bed. Library Bed Pivoting Bookcase Hardware Kit · Common Hardware components function to operate Single, Double, and Queen beds. · All Steel Construction with Brass bushings to support weight of bookcases. · All sizes of BC-1 units fit into the width of the bed cabin itself. · Cut List and Assembly instructions included for all sizes. · Hardware only. Part # BC-1 $142.50 kit Price Library Bed Sliding Bookcase Hardware Kit · Common Hardware components function to operate Single - Double - and Queen Library BedsTM. Track is cut by installer to reduce from Queen to Double or Single bed. · 4 Wheel Nylon Carriers support up to 300 lbs each. · 2 piece Aluminum Track butts in center so the Nylon Carriers never cross at the seam. · Heavy Steel tubular Top Spanner Supports cases over center span, concealed by Top Facia. · Aluminum stops with rubber bumpers keep cases on center. · Nylon Roller Bottom Guides keep cases vertical and eliminate need for bottom track. Part # BC-2 $187.50 kit Price Studio Wallbed Desk Hardware Kit · Mounts on bed face of all sizes of Alpha Vertical Beds. · Steel Powder Coated Hardware. · Desk/table remains in horizontal position so laptop and other "in work" materials do not need to be moved. · Choose matching or contrasting finish of bed cabinet. · May be retro-fitted at future date if user so wishes. SWBD $187.50 kit Part # Price Click Here Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. murphy bed hardware kits, murphy bed frame hardware, horizontal murphy bed hardware, vertical murphy bed hardware, murphy wall bed, murphy bed kits, alpha panel bed hardware kits, next bed hardware kits, library bed pivoting bookcase hardware kit, library bed sliding bookcase, library bed pivoting book case hardware kit, library bed sliding bookcase, studio wallbed desk hardware kit, studio wall bed desk hardware kit Phone:1-800-631-8375 · Fax:1-800-888-3315 H-51
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