Sliding Door Fittings Inlay & Bypass Door System Floor Sliding 5/8" Furniture System 5/32" D 25 12 Number of Doors Per Kit 33 LBS Max Door Weight E Door Thickness Wood 1/8" Door Material Gap Door-Guide Gap Door-Track · Track Mounting: Track must be recessed mounted top and bottom of cabinet · Rollers: Ball bearing standard · Mounting of Rollers: The wood door must be bored for the rollers, then attach with screws · Brakes: Nylon bumpers stop the travel of the door Track D 25 PVC Carrier D 25 Carrier Installation Bottom D 25 Carrier Set For 2 Doors Includes 4 Carriers Carrier Kit For 2 Doors D25-KIT Part # Nylon composite with steel plates Material Finish Black Price Each $9.70 Carton Qty. 10 Carton Price $8.36 ea. Single Flush Mount Track 4 Stoppers Track Lengths Are Nominal Length 4 Upper Guides Screws D25-TRK10-BE D25-TRK10-BK D25-TRK10-BR D25-TRK10-CA D25-TRK10-SL D25-TRK10-WH Part # Material PVC PVC PVC PVC PVC PVC Beige Black Brown Caramel Silver White Finish 9.85' 9.85' 9.85' 9.85' 9.85' 9.85' Price Each Carton Qty. $6.30* $9.26 $9.26 $6.30* $9.26 $9.26 20 20 20 20 20 20 Carton Price $5.25 ea. $7.98 ea. $7.98 ea. $5.25 ea. $7.98 ea. $7.98 ea. 9/16" 3/32" 5/16" 13/64" 1/32" * Whiles Supplies Last CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS I-2 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. · Sliding Door Track For Furniture, Floor Sliding Door Track, Sliding Door Fittings, Sliding Door Hardware, Wood Door Carrier, Wood Door Track, Bypass Wood Door Track, Inlay Wood Door Track, Furniture Wood Track
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