Sliding Door Fittings Inlay, Overlay & Bypass Door System Top Sliding 3/4" Closet System Wood or Aluminum 1/2" 1/8" DN 50 1 Number of Doors Per Kit 110 LBS Max Door Weight E Door Thickness Door Material Gap Door-Track Gap Door-Floor · Track Mounting: Track can be recessed or surface mounted to the ceiling and as a barn door with wide lateral wall brackets · Rollers: Central drive technology ball bearing premium · Mounting of Rollers: The rollers are screw mounted to the top of the wood door · Brakes: Stoppers with retention device. These nylon stoppers hold the door in place when the hardware is engaged in the retention device. · Floor Guide: A routed floor guide designed to be concealed within the bottom of the door. · Fascia: Optional facia available to conceal track, gap and hardware. Prevents extra work by allowing the track to be surface mounted to the existing ceiling. · Track Lateral Bracket: Optional for use with track on barn door applications only · Height adjustment is possible · Doors can be removed from the track once installed Track DN 50 Height Regulation Balanced Movement Encapsulated Ball Bearings Carrier DN 50 Carrier Installation Top Guide Installation Bottom CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS I-9e ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. · Sliding Door Track For Closet, Top Sliding Door Track, Sliding Door Fittings, Sliding Door Hardware, Wood Door Carrier, Aluminum Door Carrier, Wood Door Track, Aluminum Door Track, Bypass Wood Door Track, Bypass Aluminum Door Track, Inlay Wood Door Track, Inlay Aluminum Door Track, Overlay Wood Door Track, Overlay Aluminum Door Track, Closet Wood Track, Closet Aluminum Track
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