Waste Containers New Servo-Drive Waste/Recycling Set • Kit contains all necessary servo-drive components for this application including technical information and cardboard boring templates. • Quick and easy install for waster/recycling applications. • Servo-drive components are maintenance free and comply with all safety standards. Part # Frame Dimensions Each Z10NA30UGUS Servo-Drive waste/recycle set $211.95 TANDEMBOX Set includes: 1 Drive unit (pre-attached) 2 Double bottom bracket with #6 x 1” wood screws (qty 2) 3 Adapter plate 4 110 volt plug-in power supply with 6 foot of universal cable 5 Screw-on distance bumpers (qty 4) with #6 x 5/8” wood screw for installation (qty 8) 6 INSERTA cable connector 7 Cable end protectors (qty 2) 8 Cable clips (qty 4) n Installation template, instructions and user manual Power supply will operate up to two drive units in a double bottom bracket application (second drive unit sold separately Oko Center Waste Bin System • Door & cabinet side mounting • Swing out motion • Steel post and wire frame construction • Frame, swing arm, mounting hardware & instructions included • Works with Face Frame & Frameless cabinets OKO-3713 OKO-3715 OKO-3716 Part # Frame Dimensions Containers Container Color Each OKO-3713 12-3/4” W x 14-3/8” H - 20-11/16” post height 1 x 20 qt. White $130.00 OKO-3715 17-3/4” W x 14-3/8” H - 20-11/16” post height 1 x 10 qt., 1 x 13 qt., 1 x 20 qt. White $155.00 OKO-3716 17-3/4” W x 14-3/8” H - 20-11/16” post height 3 x 10 qt., 1 x 13 qt. White $172.00 Phone:1-800-631-8375 • Fax:1-800-888-3315 J-23 Due to raw material cost fluctuations, prices are subject to change. kitchen storage, blum, blum servo-drive waste recycling center, servo-drive waste recycling center, waste containers, blum servo-drive vauth-sagel, vauth sagel, oko center waste bin system, trash can, recycle bin, garbage can, waste disposal, trash bin, recycling containers
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