“Create - A - Closet”...And More! Closet, Pantry And Garage Solutions ...CLOSETS ...GARAGES ...PANTRIES HEMLOCK CLOSET ROD & END CAPS 1-5/16” Diameter Wood Closet Rod w/Plastic Cover • 96” Long • Hemlock Wood • Seamless, scratch resistant and non-marring polyethylene cover • Finger jointed; thus no bowing, shrinking or expansion of wood • Optional end caps available Part # Description Price Each Carton Qty. Carton Price VG-700-641C-WH White Closet Rod $11.62 18 pieces $9.08 ea. VG-140-0295 Chocolate Pearwood Closet Rod VG-700-627 White End Cap $1.03 100 pieces $0.81 ea. VG-140-0280 Chocolate Pearwood End Cap OPTIONAL END CAPS CHOCOLATE PEARWOOD WHITE SHELF JOINER • 3/4” and 5/8” shelves • ABS and Polystyrene • Field trimmable, nominal 14” & 16” lengths • Effectively joins two shelf panels for corner and straight applications Part # Description Color Price Each Carton Qty. Carton Price VG-700-637-WH 3/4” x 15-3/4” Deep for 16” Shelf White $2.64 100 pieces $2.07 ea. VG-140-0277 Chocolate Pearwood VG-700-637-AL Almond VG-700-637-BR Cherry Brown VG-700-637-BL Black VG-700-637-TN Tan VG-700-635-WH 5/8” x 15-3/4” Deep for 16” Shelf White $2.64 100 pieces $2.07 ea. VG-140-0276 Chocolate Pearwood VG-140-0144 Almond VG-140-0112 Cherry Brown VG-140-0115 Black VG-140-0113 Tan VG-700-637A-WH 3/4” x 13” Deep for 14” Shelf White $2.07 100 pieced $1.60 ea. VG-140-0278 Chocolate Pearwood VG-700-637A-AL Almond VG-700-637A-BR Cherry Brown VG-140-0118 Black VG-140-0119 Tan Cherry Brown Tan Chocolate Pearwood Almond Black White AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING COLORS Click Here OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. • www.outwater.com CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS J-36 Due to raw material cost fluctuations, prices are subject to change. Create-A-Closet, Create A Closet, Vanguard Closet Rod, Vangard Closet Rod, Vanguard End Caps, Vangard End Caps, Vanguard Shelf Joiner, Vangard Shelf Joiner, Vanguard Shelving Joiner, Vangard Shelving Joiner
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