LED Lighting 120V 120V PLUG NO High Light Output POWER SUPPLY NEEDED! Brite Light Flex Color Changing (RGB: Indoor/Outdoor): No Power Supply / Amplifiers Needed! Can Run Up To 164 Ft. On One Power Cord Available Lengths: 33', 82' & 164' Material: Flexible PVC Recognized as the most versatile and brightest RGB LED Ribbon Lighting on the market today, Outwater has expanded its offering with the introduction of the new super bright 120V RGB LED variant. With no fixtures to hide, Outwater's 120V RGB LED Ribbon Flex Lighting can be easily mounted in all of those "hard to light" areas or virtually anyplace that could not be previously lit, and is perfectly suited for illuminating any type of indoor or outdoor application. · Ideal for applications in which longer lengths are desired · Consistent binning/color · Includes factory installed end cap · Power and controller included Protected From Total Dust Ingress, Protected From Splashing Water IP65 Brite Light Flex: Color Changing RGB 7 Colors From One Lighting Source Standard Color Changing RGB (Up To 190 Lumens Per Foot / 5050 Chip 60 Pcs/Meter) 5/8" 3/8" Lighting Specifications Beam Spread Lumens 120º Red: 190 per ft. Green: 144 per ft. Blue: 160 per ft. 35,000 hrs. Voltage SMD5050 DRL33-5060-RGB DRL82-5060-RGB DRL164-5060-RGB Part # Color Temp RGB RGB RGB Length 33' 82' 164' # Of LED Chips 600 1500 3000 Total Wattage 80 200 400 Max # Can Connect Price 33' 82' 164' $89.00 ($2.70') $180.00 ($2.20') $287.00 ($1.75') Each $75.00 ea. ($2.27') $162.00 ea. ($1.98') $262.40 ea. ($1.60') 5+ Pcs. Rated Average Life Constant Chip Size NO RETURNS ON CUT PRODUCTS (Warning: If using 120V Ribbon Flex outdoors, be sure to use waterproof PVC or silicon to secure all connections and power cords) Power & Controller Included Works with DRL33-5060-RGB & DRL82-5060-RGB Works with DRL164-5060-RGB Optional Mounting Clips Required Click Here + 120V Single Ribbon Mounting Clips (Optional) SNGR-50MNT Each: $0.21 100+ Pcs.: $0.12 ea. Extrusions (Optional) L-TASK-50P-* Clear 4 ft. (*4) $0.44 ft. $0.40 ft. or L-TASK-50PS-* Silver 8 ft. (*8) $0.45 ft. $0.41 ft. Part # Finish Length Price 120+ Universal LED Ribbon Mounting Channels Aluminum Channels That Work With Our Ribbons For Pricing & To See A Full Line Of Our Mounting Channels, See Pages R-35~41 CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS R-4 OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · www.outwater.com standard 120v rgb ribbon flex, 120v rgb ribbon flex lighting, 120v rgb ribbon light, 120v rgb led ribbon, 120v rgb led ribbon strip, 120v rgb tape light, 120v rgb led tape strip, 120v rgb led light tape, 120v rgb flexible led lighting, 120v rgb led flexible lighting, 120v rgb led flexible strip, 120v rgb light strip, 120v rgb ribbon light, 120v rgb ribbon strip, 120v rgb led flex, 120v rgb flex lights, 120v rgb flexible linear lighting, 120v rgb linear flexible lighting
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