LED Lighting Professional LED Undercabinet Light Available Lengths: 14" & 22" Material: Aluminum Housing With Opaque White Polycarbonate Lens · Replace older design with never version · Dimmable · Built in on & off switch, along with a high/low light output option · Join together with connector or linking cable · Other Colors Available: Stainless Steel & Oil Rubbed Bronze Please Inquire 120V Super Bright Light Output New Color Transmission Opaque White Low LENS CHARACTERISTICS Dispersion High Surface Texture LED Diodes Smooth Not Visible Professional LED Undercabinet Light (Up To 520 Lumens Per Fixture) Includes: Connector & Twin-Screw Clamp Connector Included In Every Fixture Connector End to end connection with connector Clamp Connector Male + + + + Female + + Knockout available for hardwiring with use of clamp connector 4.05" Lighting Specifications Color Temperature Beam Spread Lumens UC-14WH: 3000K UC-15WH: 3000K 120º UC-14WH: 330 UC-15WH: 520 Overall Length Part # Color Temp Finish Overall Length Total Wattage Max # Can Connect Each .984" Price 6+ Pcs. UC-14WH UC-22WH Warm White Warm White White White 14" 22" 7 11 115 50 $30.00 $41.00 $26.25 ea. $37.00 ea. Color 90 Rendering Index Rated Average Life 50,000 hrs. Constant Voltage Optional Power Cord Optional Optional Required + Dimmer + Connecting Cable + Undercabinet + + + + Power Cord (Optional) Dimmer Switches (Optional) Input & Output Cords: 5.875" Range of Dimming: 0-100% · Mounting: Wall Rocker Switch With Slide Dimmer Connecting Cable (Optional) Function: Allows the designer to get around unlit areas without multiple power supplies New Whisper · Length: 6' 6" · Finish: White UC-PWR-CBL Each: $5.95 6+: $5.25 ea. Touch Switch With Touch Slide Dimmer sofTap · Length: 12" · Finish: White UC-LINK-CBL Each: $2.55 6+: $2.25 ea. LGD120-DIMWH-MG Each: $69.98 (Magnesium) LGD120-DIMWH-WH Each: $79.98 (White) LGD120-DIMST-MG Each: $63.28 (Magnesium) LGD120-DIMST-WH Each: $54.98 (White) CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS For Product Details & Wall Plates, See Page R-122 R-56 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. professional led undercabinet light fixture, led undercabinet light fixture, led light fixture, led lighting, led undercabinet, cabinet lighting, shelf lighting OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · www.outwater.com
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