Super BrightLight OutputSuper BrightLight Output LED Lighting 24V Power Supply Accessories for Modular Vision Rail Required Required Optional Optional (Any Combination) Required Required Optional (Pick One Option) Power Supply Connecting Cable Modular Vision Rail Dimmer Switch Connector Multi Output Cable Power Linking Cable Track + + + + + + &/or or For Pricing See Page R-64 See Page R-64 See Page R-64 See Page R-65 See Page R-65 See Page R-64 See Page R-65 See Page R-149 See Page R-65 Required Part # Type Amps Volts Watts Dimensions Price Each 6+ Pcs. LED-24V-1A Wall Mount 1A 24V 24W 3.13”L x 2.07”W x 1.52”H $11.65 $10.60 ea. LED-24V-3A Desktop 3A 24V 72W 4.68”L x 2.34”W x 1.48”H $28.75 $26.05 ea. For Product Details & More Power Options, See Pages R-137~140 Other Options: Plug In | Hardwire | Hardwire Dimmable | Rechargeable Battery Power Supplies Optional Part # Description Finish Range of Dimming Dimensions Price Each 6+ Pcs. LED-INLINE-DIM Inline Rotary Black 0-100% 2-5/8”L x 1-3/8”W x 1”H $5.95 $5.25 ea. LED-INLINE-TCHDIM Inline Touch Black 0-100% 1-1/4”L x 3/4”W x 7/16”H $7.95 $7.25 ea. For Product Details & More Dimmer Options, See Pages R-134~136 & R-142~144 Other Options: Rotary | Touch Dimmer | Radio Frequency Dimmers Multi Output Cables Part # Description Finish Arms Size # of Arms Overall Length Max # of Power Linking Cables Price Each 6+ Pcs. LED-2WAY-BK 2-Way Sweep Black 3” 2 6-3/4” 2 $2.95 $2.50 ea. LED-SPIDER-CBL 3-Way Spider Black 4-1/2” 3 96” 4 $6.25 $5.55 ea. For More Extension Cable Options, See Page R-147 2-Way Sweep: DC 5.5 3-Way Spider: DC 5.5 Connecting Cables Part # Description Finish Length Price Each 6+ Pcs. MVR-CC24 Is to allow the designer to get around unlit areas without multiple power supplies White 23.6” $3.25 $3.06 ea. MVR-CC40 White 39.3” $3.65 $3.43 ea.
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