Premium Decorative Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels an exciting interior mix of texture and nostalgia. Our New Stamped Ceiling Panels are and traditional styling with their finely crafted detail. (3" Multiple Plate) SM2-234 (2' x 2') SM4-234 (2' x 4') · Lightweight, non-combustible panels and accessories are manufactured from tin free steel 30 gauge, .010 thick. · Chromium treated for superior paint retention. · When material is properly coated, little or no maintenance is required and cleans with soap and water. · Ceiling panels and cornices are shipped uncoated to allow custom on-site finishing. · To prevent corrosion, panel must be coated. · Recommended paints are RUST-O-LEUM to maintain the natural metal appearance, semi-gloss or high gloss oil base paints. · DO NOT USE WATER-BASED PAINT. · HEAVY DUTY SAFETY GLOVES SHOULD BE WORN WHEN HANDLING PANELS AND CORNICES - EDGES ARE EXTREMELY SHARP. · DUE TO PRODUCTION DYE LOTS, FINISH MAY VARY ON COLORED TILES & CORNICES. Patterns drawn from the past enliven contemporary Click Here CUSTOM ORDERS · If acoustics are a concern, all 2' x 2' tiles are available perforated. Please inquire for pricing and production time. (6" Multiple Plate) SM2-210 (2' x 2') SM4-210 (2' x 4') (6" Multiple Plate) SM2-204 (2' x 2') SM4-204 (2' x 4') (6" Multiple Plate) SM2-207 (2' x 2') SM4-207 (2' x 4') (6" Multiple Plate) SM2-208 (2' x 2') SM4-208 (2' x 4') (6" Multiple Plate) SM2-209 (2' x 2') SM4-209 (2' x 4') (6" Multiple Plate) SM2-201 (2' x 2') SM4-201 (2' x 4') When ordering different finishes, please add the following to the end of the part #: Copper = C, Brass = B, Chrome = CH, White = WH, Lacquer = LAQ. (6" Multiple Plate) SM2-215 (2' x 2') SM4-215 (2' x 4') (6" Multiple Plate) SM2-205 (2' x 2') SM4-205 (2' x 4') (6" Multiple Plate) SM2-200 (2' x 2') SM4-200 (2' x 4') Finishes AvAilAble PREMIUM Finish 2' X 2' Lay-In Price 2' X 4' Nail Up Steel Lacquered White Brass Copper Chrome $10.60 $14.70 $15.25 $36.70 $36.70 $36.70 $20.30 $28.85 $29.70 $70.55 $70.55 $70.55 BRASS PLATED = B WHITE PAINTED = WH COPPER PLATED = C CHROME PLATED = CH LACQUER PLATED = LAQ All Brass, Copper, Chrome and White Panels and Cornices are shipped with a clear baked on enamel finish. Additional finishing is NOT RECOMMENDED. CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS S-13 Decorative Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels, Decorative Stamped Steel Ceiling Tiles, Decorative Steel Ceiling Panels, Decorative Steel Ceiling Tiles, Decorative Stamped Tin Ceiling Panels, Decorative Stamped Tin Ceiling Tiles, Decorative Tin Ceiling Panels, Decorative Tin Ceiling Tiles, Decorative Stamped Ceiling Panels, Decorative Stamped Ceiling Tiles, Decorative Stamped Metal Ceiling Panels, Decorative Stamped Metal Ceiling Tiles, Decorative Metal Ceiling Panels, Decorative Metal Ceiling Tiles Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. ·
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