Chandelier Light Lift Now available: A motorized lift system for your chandelier. Dangerous ladders and expensive cleaning services are things of the past as chandeliers are quickly and safely lowered within easy reach from the floor for cleaning or replacement of bulbs. Just Turn The Key! Our new light lifts come with a special key switch, which can be conveniently installed in any new or existing wall. Releasing the key stops the chandelier at the height you choose. It's that easy! 14" wide x 19" long x 9" high Motor weight: 50 lbs. suspension cable Place your order for a "Standard Installation" to be installed directly overhead; or.... ....special order a "Remote Installation" unit for when you do not have enough overhead room, or for a sloped ceiling. Part # STANDARD INSTALLATION LIFTS Max. Weight Max. Wattage Price LL200 LL300 200 lbs. 300 lbs. 1560 Watts 1560 Watts $900.00 ea. $1025.00 ea. All "Standard Installation Lifts" include 120-volt motor with mounting brackets, all installation hardware, key switch with wall plate, 35 feet of suspension cable, and complete installation instructions. For longer cable lengths, higher wattages, greater weight capacities, or remote installation kits, please call to request a price quote. It is recommended that all electrical products be installed by a licensed electrician. Phone:1-800-835-4400 · Fax:1-800-835-4403 Chandelier Light Lift S-34
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