Earring & Jewelry Displays SLANT BACK EARRING STANDS T-BAR EARRING STANDS SINGLE PAIR EARRING DISPLAY WATCH STAND SIZE 2"w, 3"h Can hold a single pair or will hold earring cards PART# SIZE AAD-JD-3 3¼"h AAD-JD-4 4¼"h AAD-JD-5 5¼"h AAD-JD-S1 Set of 3 31/8"w SIZE 4"h 13/8"w SIZE 31/8"h PART# AAD-JD-7 AAD-JD-7-B DESCRIPTION Clear Black PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-JD-6 Clear AAD-JD-6-B Black PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-JD-10 Clear MULTIPLE EARRING DISPLAY PENDANT DISPLAY CARDED EARRING DISPLAY 16 Pair Earring Displays Holds Pierced or Carded Earrings PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-JD-11 9"w x 8¼"h SIZE 35/8"w 5"h PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-NT-5 Clear AAD-NT-5-B Black SIZE PART# AAD-JD-8 6"w x 9"h for 3" Cards AAD-JD-9 6"w x 9"h for 2" Cards ROTATING EARRING DISPLAY ROTATING EARRING DISPLAY BRACELET DISPLAY Clear crossbars with black acrylic base. Holds up to 108 2" cards. PART# AAD-JD-12 SIZE 19½"h For carded earrings, pins, etc. Holds 180 2" cards. PART# AAD-JD-13 SIZE 19½"h Displays bracelets, bangles, etc. PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-JD-1 5¾"w 5¾"h AAD-JD-2 12¼"w 5¾"h Toll Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-631-8375 · Fax: 1-800-888-3315 19
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