Acrylic Showcases SLIDING DOOR SHOWCASES LOCKING MINI TOWER SHOWCASE PART# AAD-AS-7 SIZE 16"w 7"d 12"h Vertical door slides upward locks with key lock. PART# SIZE AAD-AS-13 6"w 6"d 16"h with 3 shelves AAD-AS-8 Same as AAD-AS-13 but rotating FOOD BIN HEXAGON SHOWCASE Perfect to display and dispense candies, muffins, and other bulk food items. PART# AAD-FB-1 8"w SIZE 12½"d 8½"h PART# SIZE AAD-AS-14 11¾"w 10¾"d 21"h with 3 flat shelves AAD-BB-A Optional Mini Padlock FLAT ACRYLIC SHOWCASE LOCKING TRAY CASES Perfect for jewelry, knives, trading cards, etc. PART# AAD-AS-1 SIZE 24"w 3"d 18"h with locking top Perfect to display small items such as jewelry, cigars, etc. in a flat case with locking lid/ PART# SIZE AAD-AS-11 12"w 8"d 2"h AAD-AS-12 16"w 12"d 4"h Toll Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-631-8375 · Fax: 1-800-888-3315 21
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