Specialty Items SPOON STANDS KNIFE STAND WALL MOUNT STICKER RACK Place knife blade in the groove to display knife at an angle. PART# AAD-SI-1 AAD-SI-2 DESCRIPTION 2"w - Holds 1 pen 6¾"w - Holds 6 pens PART# SIZE AAD-SI-3 2"h Acrylic spindle allows for easy distribution. PART# AAD-SI-4 12½"w SIZE 5"d 3"h ACRYLIC EGG & SPHERE STANDS STANDS ACRYLIC EGG & SPHERE STANDS STANDS ACRYLIC EGG & SPHERE STANDS STANDS PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-AR5-9 2" dia. 1"h AAD-AR6-1 2" dia. 2"h PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-AR6-2 3" dia. 1"h AAD-AR6-3 3" dia. 2"h PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-AR6-4 4" dia. 2"h ACRYLIC DIMPLE RISERS ACRYLIC DIMPLE BLOCKS EGG & SPHERE RISERS PART# DESCRIPTION DIMPLE AAD-AR5-3 1" dia. 1"h ¾" Dimple AAD-AR5-4 1" dia. 2"h ¾" Dimple AAD-AR5-6 1" dia. 3"h ¾" Dimple AAD-AR5-S1 Set of 3 PART# DESCRIPTION DIMPLE AAD-AR5-1 1"w 1"d ¼"h ½" Dimple 3 AAD-AR5-2 21¼"w 1¼"d /8"h ¾" Dimple PART# AAD-AR5-7 AAD-AR5-8 DESCRIPTION DIMPLE 2"w 2"d 1¼"h ¾" Hole 3"w 3"d 1½"h 1" Hole Toll Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-631-8375 · Fax: 1-800-888-3315 29
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