Slatwall Shelves SLATWALL SHELVES W/LIP SLATWALL SHELVES WITH SIGNHOLDER ECONOMY Great for shoes PART# AAD-SS1-4 DESCRIPTION 10"w 4"d PART# AAD-SS1-1 AAD-SS1-2 AAD-SS1-3 DESCRIPTION 9"w 4"d 10"w 5"d 12"w 6"d SLATWALL CARD RACKS SLATWALL CARD & VIDEO RACK DESCRIPTION 11¾" Open Ends 11¾" Closed Ends 23¾" Open Ends 23¾" Closed Ends 35¾" Open Ends 47¾" Open Ends NO TILT PART# AAD-CD-1-SL AAD-CD-9-SL AAD-CD-2-SL AAD-CD-10-SL AAD-CD-3-SL AAD-CD-4-SL WITH 20° TILT PART# AAD-CD-1-SL-T AAD-CD-9-SL-T AAD-CD-2-SL-T AAD-CD-10-SL-T AAD-CD-3-SL-T AAD-CD-4-SL-T Each shelf is 21"w x 1¾"d Shipped K/D down for easy assembly. PART# DESCRIPTION SIZE AAD-CD-1T-SL 3 Tier 21"w 6"d 14½"h AAD-CD-2T-SL 3 Tier Tilted 21"w 8"d 13½"h AAD-CD-4T-SL 4 Tier Tilted 21"w 10½"d 17½"h SLANTED SHELVES SLATWALL BOOK SHELF SLATWALL CD SHELF Perfect for books, stationery and packaged apparel. PART# AAD-SS2-1 AAD-SS2-2 AAD-SS2-3 AAD-SS2-4 DESCRIPTION 3"w 10"d 7"w 10"d 16"w 12"d 24"w 12"d PART# AAD-SS1-5 AAD-SS1-6 23¾"w 47¾"w DESCRIPTION 5"d 5"d 6"h 6"h PART# AAD-SS1-7 23¾"w DESCRIPTION 4"d 3"h Toll Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-631-8375 · Fax: 1-800-888-3315 31
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