Slatwall Trays & Bins DIVIDED TRAYS ACRYLIC SLATWALL TRAYS Ideal for showing gems, beads, and other small items in a compact space. PART# AAD-TD-1-SL AAD-TD-2-SL AAD-TD-3-SL AAD-TD-4-SL AAD-TD-5-SL SIZE 1 Compartment Tray 2 Compartment Tray 3 Compartment Tray 4 Compartment Tray 5 Compartment Tray PART# AAD-TD-6-SL AAD-TD-7-SL AAD-TD-8-SL AAD-TD-9-SL AAD-TD-10-SL AAD-TD-11-SL AAD-TD-12-SL AAD-TD-13-SL Great for candy, stationery and other small packaged items. DESCRIPTION 8"w 4"d 2"h 12"w 4"d 2"h 12"w 8"d 2"h 16"w 8"d 2"h 24"w 8"d 2"h 12"w 6"d 4"h 16"w 8"d 4"h 24"w 8"d 4"h SLATWALL CD BINS SLATWALL BINS ACRYLIC TRAY Single and double wide slatwall bins are the perfect size for CDs and many other items SIZE PART# AAD-MD-5-SL 6¼"w 6"d 4"h AAD-MD-6-SL 12¼"w 6"d 4"h Perfect for holding merchandise of various sizes on slatwall, made from heavy 3/16" acrylic. PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-TD-14-SL Slatwall Bin 4" Square AAD-TD-15-SL Slatwall Bin 6" Square AAD-TD-16-SL Slatwall Bin 8" Square AAD-TD-17-SL Slatwall Bin 10" Square AAD-TD-18-SL Slatwall Bin 12" Square Deluxe Acrylic Tray is perfect to display merchandise on the countertop or shelves. Sloping sides are 2¼"h in front, 4"h in back SIZE PART# AAD-TD-29-SL 16"w 6"d TIERED TRAY DISPLAYS TIERED SHELF DISPLAY PACKAGED PRODUCT DISPLAYS Choose any combination of divided trays to make the best display for you. PART# AAD-TD-1T-SL AAD-TD-2T-SL SIZE 2 Tier Tray Display 3 Tier Tray Display For mugs, figurines, candles, etc. Shelf dimension: 12"w x 3¾"d PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-TD-33-SL 3 Tier Display PART# DESCRIPTION SIZE AAD-TD-19-SL Single Wide 7¾"w 4¾"d AAD-TD-20-SL Double Wide 15½"w 4¾"d Toll Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-631-8375 · Fax: 1-800-888-3315 33
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