Slatwall Accessories SLATWALL HOOK ACRYLIC SLATWALL EASELS MULTIPLE CARD STANDS Perfect for plates, platters and pictures. Good for heavier items. PART# AAD-SI-5 DESCRIPTION 1½"w, 2" Lip PART# AAD-HE-2-SL AAD-HE-3-SL AAD-HE-4-SL DESCRIPTION 6"h 7½"h 9"h PART# AAD-BC3-1 AAD-BC3-2 AAD-BC3-3 AAD-BC3-4 DESCRIPTION 1 Business Card 3 Business Cards 6 Business Cards 9 Business Cards CARDED EARRING DISPLAY SLATWALL T-BAR NECKLACE DISPLAY SLATWALL STRAIGHT ARM Made from solid 1" dia. acrylic rod PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-JD-15-SL 13"w 14½"h 2" Cards PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-NT-11-SL 15½"w Made from solid 1" dia. acrylic rod PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-NT-12-SL 4" Arm SLATWALL STICKER RACK SLATWALL CELL PHONE STAND SLATWALL POST CARD POCKETS Acrylic spindle allows for easy distribution. PART# AAD-SI-4-SL SIZE 12½"w 5"d Slatwall 3"h Displays a cell phone with a built in 4¾"w x 5¼"h sign holder PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-CP-16 4¾"w 5¼"h Display a single facing of post cards. PART# AAD-ME-8-SL SIZE 6"w 1½"d 3½"h Toll Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-631-8375 · Fax: 1-800-888-3315 35
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