Acrylic Easels BOOK EASELS DEEP EASELS PART# AAD-BE-1 AAD-BE-2 AAD-BE-3 AAD-BE-4 DESCRIPTION 3½"w 1"d 4"h 5½"w 1"d 6"h 7½"w 1¾"d 8"h 9"w 1¾"d 11"h 3" Opening for thick boxed items such as games or computer software. For displaying books, videos, software and other flat items PART# AAD-DE-1 AAD-DE-2 AAD-DE-3 DESCRIPTION 3½"w 5"h 5½"w 6"h 7½"w 8"h MULTIPLE PLATE RACKS WIDE OPENING EASELS 1½" opening PART# HOLDS ITEMS AAD-PE2-2 5" - 12" AAD-PE2-3 5" - 12" DESCRIPTION 4½"w 9¾"d 4½"w 14¼"d 5½"h 7¼"h 3" Opening for handbags, wallets, and other thick items. PART# AAD-BE-8 AAD-BE-5 AAD-BE-6 DESCRIPTION 3½"w 5½"h 5½"w 6"h 7½"w 8"h 3 TIERED EASEL MULTIPLE PLATE STAND PART# HOLDS ITEMS AAD-PE2-4 5" - 9" AAD-PE2-5 7" - 12" DESCRIPTION 3½"w 8"d 10½"h 1½"opening 6¼"w 10¾"d 2¼" opening 16¼"h PART# AAD-PE2-6 DESCRIPTION 6½"w 13"d 16½"h 1¼" opening 4 Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. ·
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