Custom Acrylic Custom Acrylic Displays If you don't see it... just ask! · We stock over 1000 acrylic and plastic display items for immediate shipment, however if you don't find what you're looking for in our catalog please contact our sales staff for assistance with designing and manufacturing custom acrylic items to your specific needs. We have the capability to make items from a wide variety of materials. From a simple sketch with dimensions to a detailed CAD print we can make a product that fits your needs. We can custom screen print your items to help set your product apart and provide brand awareness. Our design staff will be happy to offer advice and sample sketches as well as pre-production prototypes. Our International sourcing capabilities allow us to incorporate a wide variety of materials into your custom display including metal hardware, wire, etc. Let us quote your custom items... from 1 to 1,000,000 we can make it. · · · · · · Acrylic Cleaner & Polish To keep plastics & acrylics scratch free and looking nice we recommend that you use Novus brand cleaners and polish. Many cleaners, especially those using ammonia and other harsh cleaners will dry out plastics and leave a hazy look after repeated cleaning. Novus brand products are specially made for use with most plastics and acrylics. Keep your plastic items looking good for years to come. PART# AAD-AC-3 AAD-AC-4 AAD-AC-5 DESCRIPTION Novus 1 - Use for Everyday Cleaning of Plastics & Acrylics 8 oz. Novus 2 - Removes Fine Scratches & Polishes Acrylics 8 oz. Novus 3 - Removes Deep Scratch - Use Novus 2 after Novus 3 Toll Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-631-8375 · Fax: 1-800-888-3315 43
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