Acrylic Easels BOOK EASEL CD EASEL w/ SIGN HOLDER Now Playing "r x 7 lde 5 " n Ho Sig 9.99 Built In 5½" wide x 7" high Sign Holder PART# AAD-BE-7 DESCRIPTION 4½"w 5½"h PART# AAD-ME-4 DESCRIPTION 5½"w 3½"d 7"h HOLDS ITEMS Holds 5 standard CDs FOLDED SHIRT EASEL DISPLAY STAND PART# AAD-ME-1 DESCRIPTION 7"w 12"h w/ 3" Lip, 1¼" Opening Display cameras, wallets, and other small items to their best potential on this attractive raised stand. Front lip features an area to insert a 2½"h x 6"w sign. PART# AAD-ME-6 DESCRIPTION 6"w 5½"d 4¾"h w/signholder MINI CARD EASELS PAPERWEIGHT STANDS This easel perfectly displays paperweights and other small deep items at an attractive angle. PART# AAD-ME-2 AAD-ME-3 DESCRIPTION 1½"h x 1½"w - ¼" Wide Opening 2"h x 2"w - ¼" Wide Opening PART# AAD-ME-5 DESCRIPTION Single paperweight stand, 1½"h x 1½"w x 2½"d Toll Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-631-8375 · Fax: 1-800-888-3315 5
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