Innovative Solutions Quick Clips moulding installation system Paint 1. Paint or finish prior to installation. Focal Point's patented Quick Clips moulding installation system* gives you the ability to install professional-quality moulding and create elegance in a snap. This award-winning, revolutionary system changes the way moulding is installed. Mount 2. · Quick & easy installation · No need to find studs · No nail holes to patch on moulding Install Quick Clips and cut moulding to fit. · Focal Point corner blocks eliminate the need to miter corners · Sturdy, light-weight moulding Clip 3. 2 Sizes Available: 5-7/8" Quick Clips 6-Pack 4-1/8" Quick Clips 6-Pack Attach mouldings to Quick Clips. Look for the symbol throughout catalog. *Compatible with select Focal Point mouldings. 14 Architectural Products by Outwater L.L.C.
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