various ways to finish products With the smooth, primed surface of Focal Point products, adding architectural interest with faux finishing is easy. Homeowners or professional finishers can add the effect of woodgrain, stone or marble without priming or sanding. Focal Point recommends a non-penetrating, glazing stain or paint for faux finishes, including woodgraining. Quality latex or oil-based paints can be used for solid paint finishes. Decoupage Decorate an object by gluing colored paper bits onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf, etc. Moulding can be covered by paper cutouts. Each layer is sealed with varnish (often multiple coats) until the "stuck on" appearance disappears and the result looks like painting or inlay work. Crackle Finish Create the look of peeling or aged paint. Paint is used to give an effect of a weathered look with the basecoat color peeking through the cracks. Hand Painting Marble Finish Give a look of marble by applying color or glazes with a sponge or rag. Complete the look of your room by hand painting your moulding. This allows your room to flow from the furniture to the walls to your moulding accents flawlessly. Stencil Spray Paint* Apply a design by brushing or sponging paint through a cutout overlay placed on the surface. An excellent accent on our domes, medallions or mouldings. Simulate metallic finishes, crackle, leather, rusts, etc. with various spray paints. This is a quick and easy way to complete the look on our mouldings. Wood Grain Color Wash Simulate various wood by applying a wood-grain finish to our products. This helps to achieve the effect without the expense of real-wood carved products. Apply a sheer layer of color over a painted surface. If the surface has carvings or crevices, the color wash will collect in those areas and will add a dimensional look. Metallic Finish Verdigris Apply metals to moulding by foiling or gilding methods. Foiling is completed by applying a very thin film sheet of metal to a surface. Gilding is similar to foiling, but the metals are gold leaf or other metal leaf which are true metals. These can be painted on. Apply layers of paint to create a simulated green patina as seen on copper, brass or bronze that has been exposed to the air or water for long periods of time. Tip: Practice your technique on a moulding sample from Focal Point. This way you'll be sure of the outcome of your project. See pages 66-67 for more ideas. *Note: DO NOT use lacquer products on polyurethane products. Toll Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-835-4400 · Fax: 1-800-835-4403 65
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