Glossary of Terms Baseboard - Decorative trim placed along the bottom of a wall next to the floor. Bedding Edge - The piece of the trimwork that comes in contact with another surface; i.e. where the crown moulding touches the wall or ceiling. Blade & Table Angles - Compound miter blade and table angles have been established and are posted on our website for easy installation reference. Block - Available as an inside corner, outside corner or connector, the block eliminates the need to miter cut mouldings. Butt Joint - A joint formed by two ajoining surfaces placed squarely together. Canopy - Decorative cap piece that is provided with the light fixture. It is used to conceal electrical connections. Capital - Part of a door system used to accent the top of a pilaster. Casing - Decorative trim around a door or window. Caulking - Compound used for filling joints and nail holes. Chair Rail - A horizontal strip of moulding mounted at the proper height and protruding enough to prevent the top of a chair back from touching a wall surface. Corbel - Decorative bracket used in combination with shelving, cabinetry and trim. Corbels can also be used as a small shelves. Cornice Moulding - A decorative piece, usually molded, placed at or near the top of a wall. Cornice moulding is also known as crown moulding. Cove Moulding - Type of crown moulding with concave detail. This can be used to conceal light sources that direct light on a reflecting ceiling. Crosshead - Decorative cross piece that is used above two pilasters at the top of a door surround system. Crown Moulding - A decorative piece, usually molded, placed at or near the top of a wall. Crown moulding is also known as cornice moulding. Decorative Domes - Round or eliptical polyurethane domes (with molded detail) that are recessed into the ceiling, giving the illusion of height. Diameter - A straight line from edge to edge through the center of a circle. Dome - Round or elliptical fiberglass structure that is recessed into the ceiling to give height and dimension to a room. Domes can be used alone or with a hanging light fixture. Door Surround System - Architectural components designed to encase a doorway, pass-through, window or book case. Face - One side of a three-dimensional object. For example, the diagonal front of moulding that is presented toward a particular direction. Faux Finish - A decorative paint finish applied to products. Finishes can give the appearance of marble, stone, metal or wood grain. Fire-rated - Product made with flame-retardent material that ensures compliance with International Residential and Building Codes. Fluting - Molded detail on pilasters and trim that resembles a long, rounded groove. Focal Finish - A factory-applied finish available by special order from Focal Point. Ten unique finishes are available on select medallions. Focal Flex - Type of moulding that will accommodate curved or arched surfaces. Focal Flex is available as either pliable or pre-formed rigid as dictated by the radius dimension of the application. Focal Point - The center of attention. In design, the place or item receiving concentrated attention. Frieze - Horizontal trim that can be used between two capitals in a door system. It is also a versatile design element used on walls or ceilings. Gel Stain - Non-penetrating gel stain is best suited for our non-pourous surfaces. Height - The distance between the base of the crown moulding and the ceiling. In the case of chair rails, casings, friezes or baseboards, the measurement from the top of the molding to the bottom. Historical Collections - Selections of Focal Point products licensed by historical foundations. Designs were adapted from authentic historical patterns of the most notable American craftsmen. Indirect Lighting - Type of lighting that casts upward, creating a reflection from the ceiling as a soft glow. K-ease System - Focal Point's easy-to-install medallion and keystone installation system that installs around an existing fixture. Keystone - Typically a wedge-shaped design element that accents the highest point of an arch or doorway system. Length - Distance from end to end. Focal Point mouldings are typically sold in 8, 10 or 12-foot lengths. 70 Architectural Products by Outwater L.L.C.
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