E-Vent Systems A urethane-based adhesive must be used on all joint surfaces. See pg. 138 to order PL Premium. Remember to Order Adhesive Massive Crown System 580 System Table & Blade Angles Recommended For Mitering 90° Corners Part Number Dimensions EV580 Matches MLD570 Moulding Joining Block / End Cap EV580B Place moulding face side down. EV580MI Ships in two pieces Inside Corner Place bottom edge of the moulding toward the fence. "YES" means to rock the moulding toward the fence pivoting on the design (as shown on MLD422). "NO" means let the moulding lay flat on the table. IMPORTANT: Because the face side of the product is moulded to a more exacting tolerance, all crown mouldings should be cut with the face down and the bottom edge of the crown moulding against the fence on the saw. Saw Blade Bevel Degree Rock Toward Fence Capable of cutting on the Dewalt 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw (#DW708) (use table saw) (use table saw) (use table saw) Outside Corner Ships in two pieces Part Number Table Miter Degree EV580MO EV404 EV570 EVFB Filler Block 31° 30.5° 27.5° 35° 35° 37° YES YES NO YES NO NO EV580 Fits all E-Vent systems For corners that vary from 90, we recommend the use of ° the *Bosch Digital Protractor (Model # DWM40L) to easily find miter and bevel angles for crown mouldings. To l l Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-835-4400 · Fax: 1-800-835-4403 63
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