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LUXCORE TRANSLUCENT PANELS LuxCore is a proprietary translucent FRP panel imaged with FusionTech process. Available in endless combinations of designs & colors. LuxCore can be a translucent panel or, with an added backer, a laminate. Product Features: vailableinstocksizesof4'x8'& A 5'x10'in.060",4'x10'in.120". Other sizes available as special order Orientation and color of all designs canbemodifiedtoyourspecifications Chemical and Abrasion Resistant lassCfirerated C lassAalsoavailablein4'x8' C in.045",pleaseinquire Ultra Rigid Starting at $9 Sq. Ft. Suitable for modesty panels, room dividers, shower enclosures and other interior applications where translucency is desired Shown in Bamboo Rings, Weathered LuxCore Translucent Panels: Shown in Bamboo Rings, Weathered Appropriate for all kitchens, bathrooms and other wet environments. LuxCore is easy to clean and is not damaged by water Can be used for most vertical and horizontal applications All LuxCore : Aspen Zebrano Medium Spring Grass Bamboo, Green Bamboo, Weathered Twigs Shown are just a few of our stock images or submit your own for a completely custom look. Please Inquire TR #2, Black Red Wheels Bamboo Rings, Green Bamboo Rings, Weathered Damask, Black Geode, Blue Italian Glass CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS 536 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Architectural Products by Outwater L.L.C. www.outwater.com luxcoretranslucentpanels,luxcorepanels,frppanels,fiberreinforcedplasticpanels,fiberglassreinforcedplasticpanels,modestypanels,roomdividers,showerenclosures,wallpartitions,roompartitions,translucentplasticpanels,decorativewallpanels,room screens, decorative panels, interior wall panels, interior wall paneling, lux core
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