Finishes BEAutIFuL, From StArt to FINISH. 37 sealed finishes, each with a personality all its own. From the color of the walls to the surface of the countertops, your kitchen and bath are a reflection of your style. And when it comes to knobs, pulls, and accessories we believe you should have the same opportunity to express yourself. That's why each of our collections are available in multiple finishes. Maybe you want to match the finish of your cabinet. Or choose one that is complementary to your appliances or your walls. Regardless of your design preferences, we offer 37 colorful finishes to suit your personal tastes. Plus, our finishes are sealed, allowing them to stand up to the toughest conditions and maintain their good looks over time. Finishes are hand-applied, creating the slight variations product to product that add character and elegance. AC Antique Copper GBZ German Bronze LB Light Bronze MB Medium Bronze MCB Mahogany Bronze OEC Old English Copper ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze PTA Pewter Antique PTL Pewter Light ALU Aluminum AP Antique Pewter BA Brass Antique BB Brushed Bronze RST Rust SAB Sable SBL Silicon Light Bronze BI Black Iron SS Stainless Steel BLK Flat Black PAB Patina Black TB Tuscan Bronze BNI Black Nickel PAR Patina Rouge TR True Rust BR Brass PB Polished Brass PC Polished Chrome PN Polished Nickel UM Umbrio BSN Brushed Satin Nickel VDG Verdigris CB Coal Black VDGE Verdigris English CI Cast Iron PT Pewter WH White DAB Dark Antique Brass
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