Al wAys the perfect opening SquArE KNoBS ~ 4 SIzES 118" Small Square Knob Brass 138" Medium Square Knob Brass 11516" Large Square Knob Brass 178" Rectangle Knob Coal Black BA Small Square Knob Medium Square Knob Large Square Knob Rectangle Knob TK300BA TK301BA TK302BA TK303BA BR TK300BR TK301BR TK302BR TK303BR CB TK300CB TK301CB TK302CB TK303CB PN TK300PN TK301PN TK302PN TK303PN oVAL & rouNd KNoBS ~ 2 StyLES 2" Small Oval Knob Brass Antique 258" Large Oval Knob Brass Antique TK296BA - Medium Round Knob in Brass Antique 118" Small Round Knob Polished Nickel 138" Medium Round Knob Polished Nickel BA BR TK298BR TK299BR TK295BR TK296BR TK297BR 11516" Large Round Knob Polished Nickel CB TK298CB TK299CB TK295CB TK296CB TK297CB PN TK298PN TK299PN TK295PN TK296PN TK297PN Small Oval Knob Large Oval Knob Small Round Knob Medium Round Knob Large Round Knob TK298BA TK299BA TK295BA TK296BA TK297BA w w w. To p K n o b s . c o m 18 NOTE: For detailed dimensions such as overall length, height, base width, etc. see price list or visit 800-499-9095 908-359-6174
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