Sign Holders BOTTOM LOADING SIGN HOLDERS VERTICAL AAD-SH-3V-BL AAD-SH-5V-BL AAD-SH-6V-BL AAD-SH-7V-BL AAD-SH-9V-BL AAD-SH-10V-BL AAD-SH-11V-BL SIZE 3½" x 5½" 5" x 7" 5½" x 7" 7" x 11" 8½" x 11" 11" x 14" 11" x 17" HORIZONTAL AAD-SH-3H-BL AAD-SH-5H-BL AAD-SH-6H-BL AAD-SH-7H-BL AAD-SH-9H-BL AAD-SH-10H-BL AAD-SH-11H-BL SIGN HOLDER CLIP Fits all Signholder to securely clip tight PART# AAD-SH-A WALLMOUNT SIGN HOLDERS LARGE HANGING SIGN HOLDERS VERTICAL AAD-SH-1V-SM AAD-SH-3V-SM AAD-SH-6V-SM AAD-SH-7V-SM AAD-SH-9V-SM AAD-SH-10V-SM AAD-SH-11V-SM SIZE 2" x 3½" 3½" x 5½" 5½" x 7" 7" x 11" 8½" x 11" 11" x 14" 11" x 17" HORIZONTAL AAD-SH-1H-SM AAD-SH-3H-SM AAD-SH-6H-SM AAD-SH-7H-SM AAD-SH-9H-SM AAD-SH-10H-SM AAD-SH-11H-SM Great for posters! PART# AAD-SH-12V-SM AAD-SH-13V-SM SIZE 14" x 22" 22" x 28" SIGN HOLDER w/ BROCHURE POCKET AAD-SH-BP2-SB 4" ADD-A-CARD AAD-SH-BP1-SB 8 1/2" 4" 8 1/2" Broch Sign 13 1/8" Broch ure Sign ure Increase effectiveness by adding brochure a pocket to any brochure or sign holder. Pockets accommodate a 4"w x 9"h Tri-Fold Brochure PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-SH-BP1-SB 131/8"w x 11"h Sign Holder w/ attached pocket AAD-SH-BP2-SB 81/2"w x 11"h Sign Holder w/ attached pocket AAD-AC-10 Add-A-Pocket can be attached to most acrylic displays Increase the effectiveness of your sign or brochure holder by adding a business card holder. PART# AAD-AC-9 AAD-SH-9V-SB-CH DESCRIPTION Add-A-Card to almost any acrylic Item 8½" x 11" Sign W/Card 14 Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. ·
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