Brochure Holders ECONOMY BROCHURE HOLDERS WALL MOUNT BROCHURE HOLDERS OUTDOOR BROCHURE HOLDERS PART# BROCHURE SIZE AAD-BH-1-WM-E 4"w x 9"h AAD-BH-2-WM-E 5½w x 9"h AAD-BH-4-WM-E 8½"w x 11"h Molded plastic WALLMOUNT SINGLE AAD-BH-2-WM AAD-BH-3-WM AAD-BH-5-WM DOUBLE ---------- TRIPLE ---------- AAD-BH-1-WM AAD-BH2-1-WM AAD-BH3-1-WM AAD-BH-4-WM AAD-BH2-4-WM AAD-BH3-4-WM for 4 x 9" Brochures for 5½"w x 9"h Brochures for 7½"w x 9"h Brochures for 8½"w x 11"h Brochures for 11"w x 8½"h Brochures DESCRIPTION Enclosed brochure holders protect brochures from the elements in outdoor use. PART# BROCHURE SIZE AAD-BH4-8 4"w x 9"h AAD-BH4-9 8½"w x 11"h Also available for Slatwall & Gridwall ADD-A-CARD 6 POCKET WALL MOUNT BROCHURE HOLDER DELUXE BROCHURE HOLDER Increase the effectiveness of your sign or brochure holder by adding a business card holder. PART# AAD-AC-9 AAD-BH4-3 AAD-BH4-4 DESCRIPTION Add-A-Card 4" x 11" Brochure w/Card 8½" x 11" Brochure w/Card PART# BROCHURE SIZE DIMENSIONS AAD-BH4-5 4"w x 9"h 4½"w 4"d 28"h AAD-BH4-6 8½"w x 11"h 9"w 5"d 30"h PART# BROCHURE SIZE AAD-BH4-7 9½"w x 11"h BUSINESS CARD STANDS BUSINESS CARD STANDS BUSINESS CARD HOLDER AAD-BC-7 Counter Top PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-BC1-1 3 Business Card Pockets AAD-BC1-2 6 Business Card Pockets AAD-BC1-3 9 Business Card Pockets Wallmount PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-BC2-4 1 Business Card Pocket AAD-BC2-1 3 Business Card Pockets AAD-BC2-2 6 Business Card Pockets AAD-BC2-3 9 Business Card Pockets AAD-BC2-5 Counter Top AAD-BC2-6 PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-BC-7 Molded Business Card Holder AAD-BC2-5 Acrylic Horizontal Card Holder AAD-BC2-6 Acrylic Horizontal Card Holder 16 Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. ·
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