from ordinary to extraordinary dist Wh a t m a k e s a s p a c e u n i q u e ? Whether you are a homeowner looking to set your home apart or a professional who wants to make a statement, Focal Point can help you complete any architectural space and transform ordinary to extraordinary. For more than 35 years, America's leading architects, designers and builders have turned to Focal Point for the pièce de résistance, the crowning glory for their masterpieces. Professionals behind such fine creations as the White House Historical Commission, Waldorf-Astoria, Cartier and the Bellagio have distinguished their work with Focal Point mouldings and accents. Discerning homeowners and professionals alike rely on Focal Point because we are the manufacturer known world-wide for our architecturally-correct designs, impeccable detail, innovative products and unsurpassed customer support. See for yourself by choosing Focal Point for your next project. 2 Architectural Products by Outwater L.L.C.
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