Jewelry Displays ROTATING NECKLACE DISPLAY NECKLACE T-BARS DOUBLE NECKLACE T-BAR 7" dia. top has 17 holes for necklaces PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-NT-13 8" dia 12½"h AAD-NT-11 8" dia 18½"h Item 1323 Bracelet T Bar. items 1326 & 1327 Necklace T Bars. PART# DESCRIPTION 3 AAD-NT-1 11½"w 8"h /4" dia. Rod AAD-NT-2 15½"w 15"h 1" dia. Rod AAD-NT-3 15½"w 18"h 1" dia. Rod Displays necklaces, etc. at two levels and at two angles PART# SIZE AAD-NT-7 11½"w 16"h DELUXE BRACELET DISPLAY TIERED JEWELRY DISPLAY ACRYLIC HAND Elegantly displays bracelets on three levels PART# AAD-NT-6 SIZE 11½"w 13"h Four tiered acrylic bracelet display PART# AAD-NT-4 SIZE 10½"w 13½"h PART# AAD-JD-14 SIZE 8"w 11"h NECKLACE DISPLAY NECKLACE DISPLAY NECKLACE DISPLAY SIZE 81/8"w 11½"h PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-NT-8 Clear AAD-NT-8-B Black SIZE 7½"w 13¼"h PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-NT-10 Clear AAD-NT-10-B Black SIZE 153/8"w 11½"h PART# AAD-NT-10 AAD-NT-10-B DESCRIPTION Clear Black 20 Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. ·
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