Apparel Displays HOSIERY DISPLAYS WALL MOUNT T-SHIRT DISPLAYS SHIRT FOLDING BOARDS Holds a folded T-shirt to display designs. Clear acrylic, 13"w x 13¾"h 7" wide pocket for packaged hosiery. PART# DESCRIPTION SIZE AAD-MD-16 Single Wide 7¾"w 4¾"d AAD-MD-17 Double Wide 15½"w 4¾"d PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-MD-14-WM Wall mount AAD-MD-14-SL Slatwall AAD-MD-14-GW Gridwall AAD-AC-7 Folding Insert PART# SIZE DESCRIPTION AAD-SB-1 8"w 12"h Small AAD-SB-2 8½"w 12"h Small AAD-SB-5 9"w 12"h Medium AAD-SB-3 10"w 12"h Medium AAD-SB-4 11"w 12"h Large Fold shirts around these boards for neat folds every time. 4 TIER DISPLAY HOSIERY DISPLAYS CLUTCH BAG DISPLAY ¼" thick acrylic with a ¾" front lip. For wallets, leather goods, etc. Overall dimensions: 15½"w x 11"d x 12¾"h PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-CD-3T Countertop Can be used on countertop or wall mounted. Each compartment is 7½" wide PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-MD-13 15¾"w 11¾"d 11½"h Holds 5 clutch bags. PART# AAD-MD-12 DESCRIPTION 4"w 16"d Each compartment is 2¾"w WIDE OPENING EASELS FOLDED SHIRT EASEL DEEP EASELS 3" Opening, great for handbags. PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-BE-8 3½"w 5½"h AAD-BE-5 5½"w 6"h AAD-BE-6 7½"w 8"h PART# AAD-ME-1 DESCRIPTION 7"w 12"h w/ 3" Lip, 1¼" Opening 3" Opening for thick boxed items. PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-DE-1 3½"w 5½"h AAD-DE-2 5½"w 6"h AAD-DE-3 7½"w 8"h 26 Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. ·
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