Ornament Stands ORNAMENT STANDS ORNAMENT STANDS MULTIPLE ORNAMENT STAND Our most popular ornament stand. PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-OS-3 5½"h AAD-OS-4 8½"h PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-OS-1 5½"h AAD-OS-2 8"h Holds 12 ornaments. Clear Acrylic PART# SIZE DESCRIPTION AAD-OS-5 13"h 12ea 3" holes AAD-OS-6 17"h 12ea 5" holes SPIRAL ORNAMENT STANDS CEILING TURNER One of our most unique and popular stands ever Works great with item #9990 spiral ornament display. 5 lb. Capacity Runs continuously for 1 month on 1 D Cell battery PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-OS-M 5 lb. Capacity PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-OS-7 Holds 12 Items Pen Stands PEN STANDS TILT BACK PEN DISPLAY PEN CYLINDERS 2" diameter PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-AP-1 3"h AAD-AP-5 4"h PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-SI-1 2"w - Holds 1 Pen PART# AAD-SI-2 AAD-SI-4 DESCRIPTION 6¾"w - Holds 6 pens 6¾"w - Holds 8 pens 3" diameter PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-AP-2 3½"h AAD-AP-3 5"h 30 Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. · www.outwater.com
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