Slatwall Shelves ECONOMY SLATWALL SHELVES DELUXE SLATWALL SHELVES Perfect for lighter items PART# AAD-SS-1-SL-E AAD-SS-2-SL-E AAD-SS-3-SL-E AAD-SS-4-SL-E DESCRIPTION 6"w 3"d 9"w 4"d 10"w 4"d 12"w 6"d PART# AAD-SS1 AAD-SS-2 AAD-SS-3 AAD-SS-4 AAD-SS-5 AAD-SS-6 AAD-SS-7 AAD-SS-8 AAD-SS-9 AAD-SS-10 DESCRIPTION 8"w 4"d 10"w 4"d 12"w 6"d 12"w 6"d 16"w 6"d 12"w 8"d 16"w 8"d 24"w 8"d 16"w 12"d 24"w 12"d EXTRA HEAVY DUTY SLATWALL SHELVES BRACED SLATWALL SHELVES Design disperses the weight on this shelf over two slatwall grooves making this the strongest and most stable acrylic slatwall shelf available. Stable even if bumped, and all exposed corners are rounded for safety PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-SS-1HD 11¾"w 9"d Braced shelves are perfect for heavy loads. 1" high front lip keeps items from falling off shelves. PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-SS-1B 16"w 10"d AAD-SS-2B 24"w 14"d MAXI LENGTH SHELVES LARGE SLATWALL J-RACK SHELVES SLATWALL SHELF For light items PART# DESCRIPTION AAD-SS3-1 24"w 4"d AAD-SS3-2 36"w 4"d AAD-SS3-3 48"w 4"d AAD-SS3-4 24"w 6"d AAD-SS3-5 36"w 6"d AAD-SS3-6 48"w 6"d 5¼"d, 6½"h back with front lip. Holds books, videos, software, etc. PART# AAD-SS4-1 AAD-SS4-1T AAD-SS4-2 AAD-SS4-2T AAD-SS4-3 AAD-SS4-3T DESCRIPTION 23¾"w 23¾"w w/10° Tilt 35¾"w 35¾"w w/10° Tilt 47¾"w 47¾"w w/10° Tilt 4" Deep with a front lip. For mugs, cups and other small items. PART# AAD-SS5-1 AAD-SS5-1C AAD-SS5-2 AAD-SS5-2C DESCRIPTION 11¾"w Open Ends 11¾"w Closed Ends 23¾"w Open Ends 23¾"w Closed Ends 32 Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. ·
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