344 SPRING LOADED LID STAY S-YT · Spring mechanism assists in lifting door and holds in open position. · Handed: Specific left and right hand mounting. LID SUPPORTS SPRING LOADED LID STAYS Side mount type Side mount type (Left handed shown) Back panel mount type For side mount type Back panel mount type Side mount type For back panel mount type No. Item No. Left S-YT01L S-YT02L S-YT01S S-YT02S Right S-YT01R S-YT02R Spring Tension Soft Hard Soft Hard Mounting Type Side Back Panel Max. Torque (kgf·cm) 30 40 30 40 ( ( ( ( 26 lbs·in 34 lbs·in 26 lbs·in 34 lbs·in ) ) ) ) Part Name Body Bracket Arm Weight (g) Material 304 Stainless Steel Polyacetal Box (pcs) Finish Plain Carton (pcs) 118 10 100 www.sugatsune.com 1-800-562-5267 (U.S.A. Only)
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