518 ALUMINUM FRAME SWING DOOR (2 WAY ADJUSTAbLE) AF-25D SLIDING & FOLDING ALUMINUM FRAME SWING DOOR (2 WAY ADJUSTAbLE) DOOR HARDWARE Adjustable Hinge · Aluminum profile provides excellent rigidity preventing door flex. · Intermediate support not needed when door size within H 2200mm x W 900mm (H 86-39/64" x W 35-7/16"). · Vertically and laterally adjustable after installed. · Hinge is non-handed. · Sliding door version available. Please see P.522~525 for details. Door Height Door Width Door Weight Glass Thickness Standard Size Lateral Adjustment Vertical Adjustment (Hex socket) Max. 2500 mm (98-27/64") Max. 1000 mm (39-3/8") Max. 40 kg (88 lbs) 5 or 6 mm H 2200 mm × W 900 mm (H 86-39/64" × W 35-7/16") Easy Door Installation * Intermediate support required when either door height or door width exceeds standard size. Standard Size (Smaller than H 2200 x W 900) 2 Supports (Smaller than H 2500 x W 800) www.sugatsune.com 1-800-562-5267 (U.S.A. Only)
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