596 SHeeT MeTAL CAM LOCK 900 · Brass cylinder cam lock. · Reversible key. · 90 degree cam rotation. · Key is removable in locked position only. (Key works as a knob in unlocked position.) · 1 million key changes available; Please specify keyed alike or differently when ordering. · Master key type available at surcharge. (Maximum 2,520 key changes per master key.) 900 (Standard type) LOCKS SHeeT MeTAL CAM LOCKS 900MK (Master key type) Cut Out Dimensions (Standard type) Cut Out Dimensions (Master key type) Installation Item No. 900 900MK (with Master key) Metal Thickness (mm) Keys Included 0.8~8 (1/32"~5/16") 2 Weight (g) 120 Box (pcs) 12 Carton (pcs) 60 No. Part Name Material Finish Body Brass Chrome Ring Cam Yellow Zinc Chromate Hex Nut Steel Washer Nickel Yellow Zinc Chromate Hex Nut Key Brass Nickel SHeeT MeTAL CAM LOCK Sn-711-8 · Brass cylinder cam lock. · 90 degree cam rotation. · Key is removable in locked position only. "Keyed differently" is available by special order. (Up to 1,500 key changes.) * Extreme pressure on key when in unlocked position may cause damage to the lock. Cut Out Dimensions No. Part Name Body Large Hex Nut Ring Cam Plate Washer Small Hex Nut Cover Key Material Finish/Color Brass Chrome Steel Yellow Zinc Chromate 304 Stainless Plain Steel Steel ABS Brass Chromate Yellow Zinc Chromate Black Nickel Item No. SN-711-8 Metal Thickness (mm) 0.1~9 (1/64"~23/64") Keys Included 2 Weight (g) 77 Box (pcs) 50 Carton (pcs) 150 www.sugatsune.com 1-800-562-5267 (U.S.A. Only)
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