Acrylic Cubes SQUARE CUBES Five sided acrylic cubes to cover and protect. Keep your collectibles free of dust and damage under our display boxes. Several sizes are available in either economy 1/8" acrylic or a thicker 3/16" thick acrylic. 1/8" Thick Acrylic ITEM PART# AAD-SC-1 AAD-SC-2 AAD-SC-3 AAD-SC-4 3/16" Thick Acrylic ITEM PART# AAD-SC-1T AAD-SC-2T AAD-SC-3T AAD-SC-4T AAD-SC-5T AAD-SC-6T AAD-SC-7T AAD-SC-8T AAD-SC-9T 4"w 6"w 8"w 10"w 12"w 14"w 15"w 16"w 18"w SIZE 4"d 6"d 8"d 10"d 12"d 14"d 15"d 16"d 18"d 4"h 6"h 8"h 10"h 12"h 14"h 15"h 16"h 18"h TALL CUBES WIDE CUBES Cubes for dolls, vases, etc. TALL BOXES AAD-RC-1 AAD-RC-2 AAD-RC-3 AAD-RC-4 SIZE 6"d 8"d 10"d 12"d Cubes for models, footballs, etc. WIDE BOXES AAD-RC-5 AAD-RC-6 AAD-RC-7 AAD-RC-8 SIZE 9"d 12"d 15"d 18"d 6"w 8"w 10"w 12"w 9"h 12"h 15"h 18"h 6"w 8"w 10"w 12"w 6"h 8"h 10"h 12"h LOCKING BALLOT BOX LOCKING BALLOT BOX WITH SIGN HOLDER CHARITY COLLECTION BOX Locking clear acrylic ballot box. Perfect for raffles & drawings. Comes with key lock. PART# AAD-BB-5 AAD-BB-1 AAD-BB-2 DESCRIPTION 6"w 6"d 6"h 8"w 8"d 8"h 10"w 10"d 10"h Easily display contest rules or your company's advertising information in attached sign holder. PART# AAD-BB-3 DESCRIPTION 8½"w 8½"d 8½"h Box w/ 8½"w x 11"h Sign Holder 5¼"w x 3"h x 3½"h Mini Charity Collection Box w/ 5"w x 7"h Sign holder back. Locks with optional mini padlock. PART# AAD-BB-6 AAD-BB-A DESCRIPTION Mini Charity Collection Box Optional Mini Padlock Toll Free in North America · Phone: 1-800-631-8375 · Fax: 1-800-888-3315 7
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