welcome to Focal Point The Art of Architecture At Focal Point Products, we are committed to quality, design and innovation. We offer hundreds of products including mouldings, medallions, domes, niches, door systems and other architectural elements to help you design with distinction. Focal Point's beautifully crafted products are made of durable polyurethane, and feature crisp, impeccable detail that is unattainable with wood. Plus, builderfriendly, single-piece designs reduce installation time and minimize callbacks. With a focus on creating new and innovative products that allow you to quickly transform any room, we are changing the face of the building products industry. We are constantly seeking new ways to save professionals and homeowners time, labor and money while maintaining the beauty of Focal Point products. We invite you to discover the art of architecture and see why every room deserves a Focal Point. Focal Point provides: · More than 40 years of design and manufacturing expertise, resulting in a wide selection of designs and sizes · Licensed collections from three historical foundations (see pages 10-13) · Consistency from piece to piece · Intricate detail of plaster or carved wood in an easy-to-install polyurethane material · Workability of pine without splintering or separating · Interior and exterior applications · Lightweight, single-piece product construction · Factory-primed, ready-to-finish products that require no sanding · Insect-resistant and moisture-resistant products that will not warp, rot or crack · Lead times and fill rates that exceed industry averages Builder Benefits: · Single-piece construction eliminates callbacks for buildup separation · Once-around-the-room installation reduces time and labor costs · ProCollection available for fast delivery · Installs with standard carpentry tools and specially formulated adhesive
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