Wallpaper & Borders ANAGLYPTA LUXURY VINYL WALL COVERINGS ® 20-1/2 In. High x 33 Ft. Long Rolls Combines a warm, tough and luxurious appearance. Anaglypta® Luxury Vinyl is washable when painted with latex semigloss which also highlights the relief in the design. Its modern manufacturing method also stops the emboss from becoming permanently crushed during hanging or use. Being flat backed, it is easy to hang on ceilings & walls. RD750 Louisa RD750 Design Repeat: 25-1/4" $43.73 per roll RD803 Wildacre Design Repeat: 12-5/8" $43.73 per roll RD80000 Turner Tile Design Repeat: 8-1/2" $43.73 per roll RD80027 High Trad Design Repeat: 25-1/4" $43.73 per roll RD80028 Folder Paper Design Repeat: 25-1/4" $43.73 per roll ANAGLYPTA ORIGINAL ® 20-1/2" High x 33 Ft. Long Rolls Anaglypta Original remains unsurpassed, still made in the traditional manner by bonding two pieces of paper together. Only now, it is made from recycled paper and a quantity of virgin pulp, from managed forests, to give it strength. Easy to handle, hard-wearing and versatile, Anaglypta Original is suitable for walls and ceilings. There are many different patterns and styles to choose from; some dating back to the early twentieth century. ® RD125 RD124 Derby Design Repeat: 3-1/2" $19.25 per roll RD125 Berkeley Design Repeat: 5-1/2" $19.25 per roll RD340 Townsend Design Repeat: 3-1/2" $19.25 per roll Click Here Design Repeat: 10-1/2" $19.25 per roll RD341 Portland RD392 Tudor Design Repeat: 2" $19.25 per roll Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Wall Paper, Wallpaper, Anaglypta® Supadurable, Anaglypta® Superdurable, Anaglypta Super Durable, Anaglypta® Luxury Vinyl Wall Coverings, Anaglypta® Luxury Vinyl Wallcoverings, Anaglypta® Vinyl Wall Coverings, Anaglypta® Vinyl Wallcoverings Phone:1-800-835-4400 · Fax:1-800-835-4403 O-83
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