Wainscoting NEW ENGLAND CLASSIC® RAISED PANEL WAINSCOTING Available Primed White or Unfinished Oak Veneer ® New England Classic's Classic TraditionalTM raised panel wainscoting brings back the warmth and beauty of fine wood interiors. The system is designed using components that complement each other to provide high quality, fully coordinated interior solutions. The panels are 9", 12", 15" 18" and 23" wide by 23" high. The stiles are 3" wide by 23" high. Combined with different railing systems you can achieve overall heights of 32" and 36". System consists of an engineered wood core and hardwoods and is ready to finish. Plate shelves, backbands and casings are available to accent and neatly finish your job. In addition to the above panels, stiles and rail kits, 6" x 23" panels and 10" x 23" end stiles are also available for meeting the in-between sizes. All mouldings are sold in 8 foot lengths only and the 4" and 8" rail kits can not be broken up for individual component sale. CLASSIC TRADITIONALTM RAISED PANEL BENEFITS INCLUDE: · The look and feel of custom millwork at an affordable price. · Installs quickly and easily with minimum job site customizing. · Complete set of installation instructions included with every order. · Nailing grooves assure proper nailing locations and conceal most nail holes. · Design minimizes the need for complex coping of joints. · Veneered panel construction minimizes seasonal shrinkage, splitting and twisting. · Ready to paint or stain. · We can help design your layout and estimate your material needs. All you need to do is fill out our design layout sheet and we can provide a detailed drawing and material list. PANEL PACKS Part # SOLD IN FULL BOXED QUANTITIES ONLY Paint Grade *(Part #-PG) Oak *(Part #-RO) NRPS-P6-* (4 x 6" Panels) (No Stiles) $58.15/pk. NRPS-P9-* (4 x 9" Panels) (4 x 3" Stiles) $102.22/pk. NRPS-P12-* (4 x 12" Panels) (4 x 3" Stiles) $120.44/pk. NRPS-P15-* (4 x 15" Panels) (4 x 3" Stiles) $138.28/pk. NRPS-P18-* (4 x 18" Panels) (4 x 3" Stiles) $177.02/pk. NRPS-P23-* (4 x 23" Panels) (4 x 3" Stiles) $217.53/pk. 6" Panel sets do not include center stiles. $114.75/pk. $170.37/pk. $201.60/pk. $230.20/pk. $317.58/pk. $364.13/pk. THE ACCESSORIES Moulding Type (8 ft. Lengths) Plate Shelf Part # Paint Grade *(Part #-PG) Oak *(Part #-RO) 23" Plate Shelf NP96-* $32.85 ea. $48.11 ea. THE RAIL KITS 6" 9" 12" 15" 18" 23" THE STILES Kit Includes: 1 shoe rail, 1 bottom rail (4" or 8"), 1 top rail and 1 cap rail - 8 ft. each. Bottom Rail Height/ Overall Height Part # Paint Grade *(Part #-PG) Oak *(Part #-RO) 3" stiles are used between each panel. 10" stiles are used at ends and trimmed to fit. Stile Size (Width x Height) Part # Paint Grade *(Part #-PG) Oak *(Part #-RO) 4" Kit/32" O.A. Height 8" Kit/36" O.A. Height NRK4X96-* NRK8X96-* $64.62/kit $76.05/kit $90.37/kit $107.77/kit 3" x 23" 10" x 23" NS3X23-* NS10X23-* $3.58 ea. $7.32 ea. $4.97 ea. $12.03 ea. Includes: 3 x 8' Lengths of 4" Casing, 3 x 8' Lengths of backband. Casing & Backband NCP-PG $104.70/pk. (Paint Grade) Click Here CASING PACK NCP-RO $146.57/pk. (Red Oak) NOTE: ALL FREIGHT ORDERS ARE SUBJECT TO A $25.00 PACKING FEE Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Wainscoting, Wainscotting, New England Classic® Wainscoting, New England Classic® Wainscotting Phone:1-800-835-4400 · Fax:1-800-835-4403 O-85
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