LED Lighting Omni Wand: One System With Multiple Solutions The Problem: This Display required 16 different custom sized light fixtures, which would have been very costly and time consuming to order with an extensive lead time. The Solution: Omni Wand made this project simple and cost effective utilizing just one system. Up to 8 ft. long, the Omni Wand fixture can be easily trimmed to any size required. With Omni Wand, now you are finally in control to create lights as per your specs... not the other way around. Frosted Polycarbonate Lens Power Track For Adjustable Spot Lights High Intensity 5630 LED Rigid Ribbon Strip Many Mounting & Connecting Options WW- 31000K & CW- 6500K LENS CHARACTERISTICS Color Transmission Dispersion Surface Texture LED Diodes Frosted High Low Pebbled Visible Trimmable Housing Frosted Lens: Allows the most light transmission. This is recommended for task lighting.
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